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Privacy Policy

We at Culinary Fitness (www.CulinaryFitness.com ) value our customers and respect your privacy. We know that your personal and financial information is of the utmost importance. The only information we gather from you is provided by you during the checkout process when you are purchasing products from us. We do not use your information for anything other than completing your order and for our personal email list in which you have the choice to opt out if you receive any emails you do not wish to receive. You can visit your “Member Login” page on the website to easily opt out of marketing emails.

We will never share your information of any kind with any third party, including your postal address, email address, financial information, phone number, etc. That information is private and will remain that way. We also do not store your financial information, but your personal information will remain in our secured server (SSL) for your convenience for future purchases.

Culinary Fitness does use Google Analytics to gather anonymous data, including, but not limited to, pages you’ve viewed, your IP address, certain sales transactions between us, and other shopping data. This data does not include any of your personal information. It is just anonymous data used to tailor our marketing efforts which may include newsletters you receive, or certain marketing ads or banners you see when visiting other websites. Again, this anonymous data will never include any of your vital, personal, or financial data. It will be used solely for our marketing efforts and will never be shared, sold, rented, or published.

July 04 2016